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Originally Posted by Zep View Post
Um didn't you see me post a quote from that thread? Pretty sure i did read it, and search it.


My question was, if anyone knows if they will be selling any AEG's and what that competition was about.

pretty sure that threads for retailers wanting in.

Its a 5 hour drive for me and i want to buy 4 AEG's so this is why i ask. If its worth the drive.

Originally Posted by Amos View Post
Took a total of 13 minutes between your post and your recognition of the answer.

It took me 6 seconds to scroll up to the search bar, type in "Tac11" and click the 2nd link.
didnt you see? he apparently read the whole thread... and felt the need to start a completely different thread, rather then post in the one already pertaining to what he was looking for....
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