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Regardless of gear or skin colour we get lots of new guys dropping in with a Crossman, or Kraken or even a G&G. Someone that's brought out by their friends and wearing borrowed or hunting gear; I'm sure most folks here know them.

So they get a taste for it and keep showing up and you know what happens next. The gun goes down, Sunday AM, hours and miles from anywhere. Then they wind up sitting around for a day. They spend the next few weeks trying to find someone to fix the gun, and those dedicated parts that only fit the flavor they have.

Eventually the guy gets his gun fixed and within 2 games it's broken again and he's out forever.

That's why the older folks will be suggesting a certain minimum buy in for guns.

For gear, yeah you can scuttle around like a rat in sweat pants so on. After a 30c game though you're not getting a drink from my camelback though; that's attached to my vest. Guys I've played a year with I'm happy to toss mags to, folks with a weird CT weapon can't get an ammo hand off in a pinch; and those come out of my vest. I will lend out my multi-tool so folks can fix their gear, and yes that's in my vest too.

And the last thing to say is folks who giggle or posture behind other players backs, even when they feel they're in a safe spot can be overheard and all you do is make yourself appear to be a total jackass. That's both for "new" players who are insecure and for players with a season under their belt who know they're an "elite team".
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