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Some games are quite clear re. camo patterns/etc... Teams, game logistics and other things incorporate it into game play. When a guy flaunts that and shows up in runners and a hoodie it looks like ass and is an embarassment.

Similarly, when somone shows up in head to toe multicam and a SCAR....and it's a WW2 re-enactment game...that guys looks like a tool.

When the game/event is a non-stop no-break milsim game...and guys break off to go to their car to reload, have lunch, kills the game flow and irritates the host to no end. For these types of games you're expected to do whatever you need to do to sustain yourself in action for the duration of the game. Anything short of that kills things for everyone else.

So the theme of this is such:
- Take the time and care to review the game thread well in advance. Make sure you and your buddies are set and good to go. If you have them because it's a sure thing others have the same questions.
- If the game isn't your type of game...then don't go. To "go against the game" and just do whatever the hell you want is disrepecting the host, your teammates and every other player there. Same goes for ammo caps/loadouts/FPS/etc...

- if the host is doing their job, the decision of what to wear/bring should never compromise your safety. In fact, it'll probably err on the side of caution. But in the's your personal duty and responsibility to ensure that you're adequately protected throughout the game.

I would acknowledge that some guys put a lot of time and effort into their loadouts and understandably want to use them. Unless the game specifies otherwise I can't see any issue with gearing up to the nines for a skirmish game. Gear and kit should always be matched to the environment I could see how getting up in an armoured CQB loadout for a field game would be a bit odd.

Airsoft is supposed to be about having fun....but it's not a selfish thing where your own shits and giggles are at the expense of the greater group.

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