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Keep in mind that at 375 FPS you won't be allowed to play indoors.

You'll want 350 or 330 FPS or less depending on what your indoor place requires.

However 375 outdoors is pretty much where the sweet spot is.

If you want a store, Army Issue in Port Credit can verify you AND sell you some gear as well (Yeah I know it's a bit of a drive since it's in Mississauga.....)

The battery's amperage affects how long it will last. The general formula at "normal" temperatures is that 1 mAh = 1 shot so a 2000 mAh battery should last you all day and then some if you're not heavy on the trigger.

A good price would be between $300 (used) to 2000+. On average I'd say for a pretty good newbie setup spend $450-500 for a gun, battery, red dot, and a few mags (like 2 or 3 or whatever). Then $100 for gear (used): Vest, BDU's, etc. Then a GOOD face mask (remember you only have one pair of eyes so take care of them $50 or even $100 is a small price to pay to ensure you don't go blind if you goggles shatter or something).
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