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To be honest here, I'm someone who plays with a group of people who don't go out and buy 600 dollars of equipment, we're college students and don't have that sort of money anyways.

But whenever we get a guy coming into our games who has 6-7 attachments on his full metal m16 and is wearing a full out ballistics vest under marpat, and a combat helmet.. We definitely make jokes behind their backs.

M16's are mostly plastic.. come on.. you don't need a flashlight.. its day time.. the vest certainly isn't from your job at the call center.. and that helmet must feel awesome being all expensive and durable, but really, you have the nerve to wear ALLLLLL that junk and then claim you arent being hit.

Well, you are indeed being hit, hosed even. Just can't feel it for all the gear.

I see nothing wrong with overdoing it if you're with a group who does that, but when you wear body armor with people who are in camo t-shirts and safety glasses.. You gotta expect that you aren't going to fit in quite that well.

Heck, I use baggy duck hunting camo as my load out and it's so far performed better than any ghillie suit I've seen on the field..
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