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L96 Question

Ive got myself an L96 which is bone stock at the moment. Using lowly .2's the accuracy at 100 feet is usually about 20 feet wide it seems. By upgrading to .4's or even .43's will I see an increase in the accuracy? Are .4's and above the right choice for it? Im not quite sure if .4 will be too heavy for it although I think that .4's will be just right.

Thanks in advance!


PS. This is a question about AMMO not the fact that I havent and wont put a ton of money into the gun. Im not looking for precision RealSteal sniper rifle grade shots here, im just looking for a much tighter grouping that will make it actually usefull in games instead of just hoping and aiming to the left or right of the target by 4 feet in order to try to get a hit.
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