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Originally Posted by Canadian Zombie View Post
I have been having a great time picking up new gear, I had to purchase a full face mask/goggle combo because I wear glasses and the cool Spec-Ops shades wont fit over top. I broke out my old Canadian Armed Forces jacket and made it into a vest for mags and gear!

everyone mentions boots, can I not wear sneakers? i much so much better in running shoes.
You do not want to do this!!!

If you are playing at an inside paintball place then its no biggie, but if you are playing outdoors then you are putting yourself at some serious risk. We don't generally play on soccer fields and some of the terrain is very difficult and challenging. Good boots that will protect your feet and have strong ankle support are a must. Your three most important pieces of gear are in order:

Eye Protection
Hydration System (even if its just a bottle of water)

Take the steps neccessary to proactively prevent injury to yourself and you will increase your joy of the hobby.

I don't mean to come off as preachy but it needs to be said.
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