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TM L96 converted or Magpul PTS ACR Massada

Hello fellow airsofters, I've been bouncing this idea around local players, friends ect. lately and simply cannot decide between:
Buying a TM L96 and slowly converting it into a remmingtion MSR
Buying the Magpul PTS ACR Massada.

I have been using a Heavily upgraded CA36C and converted it into a DMR. I have been playing the DM/Sniper role for a few years now and am enjoying it. The reasion I'm so torn is I can eather:
Down grade my g36 back into an assault rifle and use it as a seconday and use the bolt action as primary, or Keep my g36 as it is and use the massada as a secondary.

Any thoughts are appreciated, especially those who have extensive experience using SA or BA long range rifles.
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