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Thank you to all the site supporters who contribute to keep this forum running. Your donations are extremely appreciated and go a long long way to keeping my gin and tonic addiction full filled.

Thank you to all the wonderful users out there who contribute helpful information on a daily basis and take the time and effort to assist those in need. Your patience is admired and should be applauded more often.

To the retailers, thank you for doing what you do whether you be a retailer of airsoft guns, gear, parts and accessories or BBs and other innovative devices. Your efforts to this community are huge and everyone thanks you for doing what you do.

To my fellow staff: mods admins and verifiers, thank you for all that you do. You guys keep this website running I only water the plants and take out the trash in comparison to what you guys do.

To the new users, thank you for being patient with us and the other members of this website and giving us a chance. This website has a lot to offer if you will just give us the time to show you.

and finally to the trolls,spammers, tards, idiots and douche bags who think their opinions actually mean shit on the internet, thanks for nothing. Please choke on razor blade covered dicks.

"Its only a little bit on fire"
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