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WHAT???? Wow.... That was some magic guesswork right there.

I honestly would have been like, eh.... it's just like everyone else warned people, they have a high lemon rate and could be DOA or break on the second day I use it. This guns going in the garbage/going to be hung on my wall.

OP: That gun isn't the greatest but it'll be OK at CQB games. It's just when you go outside and attempt to use .20's you're lowering your FPS even more (but keeping the same muzzle energy so don't think you can make a gun shooting hot not shoot hot if you use heavier BB's). AND the system in it kind of sucks, and a host of other factors come into play.

In short, if you want to play outside at minimum get a Crosman Airmag C11 (Airsoft version NOT the .177 version) or the S34P shotgun (which is a spring shotgun but a TM clone so is actually pretty decent). Also never pay full retail for the guns I've listed above, they come on sale sometimes so snatch them up when they're on sale, IMO they're not worth paying full retail for.

Also, a better route would be to go with an Aftermath Kraken if you're on a tight budget (again don't pay full retail for this, they come on sale semi regularly and can drop to anywhere between $100-120 and normally retail for $180-200).
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