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Originally Posted by busterbuzz View Post
Hello I would like to get into this sport.

-I live in Longueuil which is close to Montreal
-I have a budget of 200-450ish

I have located these three sites which seem pretty good:

I would just like to have a bit of help in choosing a gun
I would also like to know if there is anywhere I could play near longueuil, events and such.

Thanks a lot!

Hello welcome to ASC, I highly recommend you start by reading and then re reading the faqs in the faq section. Please do not take this badly as it is not meant as an insult but your starting budget is a little low, just a bit. Airsoft in Canada is very expensive. I recommend that you get in touch with an age verifier and get age verified. And then look in the classified section on asc for some good deals on a used gun. I say your budget is a bit low because it will probably cost you about $550-$600 to get started. Remember that the gun is only a small part of your gear if you wish to play at events. You will also need:

good eye protection
bdu's (camoflauge clothing)
decent boots
and some way to carry your magazines and at the very least a bottle of water. Most players choose a tactical rig for this but you could just shove them in youe pockets for now.

After reading the faqs you will no doublt have some more specific questions which we will be glad to answer. Enjoy your experiance on ASC.


EDIT: Also please fill in your user profile so that poepple know the are you are in.
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