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Team ECO

Dear airsoft community, I ponyone, am one of the co-founders of ECO, our ambitions were to take the sport of airsot to a new level, to create a friendly fun place, were anyone of any skill set or level or experience could have a good time, this in the past few weeks has fallen appart, I/my team have been harshly judged and have been the targets of several community members, who have gone above and beond to do anything in there power to bring us down,the comments posted have been taken out of context and do not show the other side of the story, they poorly represent our team and its members, the way in witch we speak amongst ourselfs is not how we address the community and should not be judged as such...


This is no excuse, I do understand this, I do feel terreble for the remarks made, and there impact on the community, anyone that knows ME and ME personaly would tell you I am welcomeing and ready to help anyone and everyone and that my dreams for the sport were alwase noble.... however I fear now that I and my Team will be judged all as one for the actions of a few, I will now consider backing out of the ASC community and offer my appologies.

and please forgive my spelling, if its my only flaw i can live with it lol..
i do not take this matter lightly.

my deepest thaughts

stand by for official statement from ECO, this is just my 2 cents
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