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Okay first of all, I'm the admin that had to clean most of the ECO mess. I'm still a bit cross about it.

"Admins have deleted a [lot] of stuff in the ECO team thread" -- that was me, too, a whole 3 posts, including the offending posts one of the ECO team members reported (and an infraction was issued if you really must know).

Somewhere in the trash is a post I made which touches upon the fact that nobody gives a shit about local feuds and they should be kept off this forum. I meant it. Its a lot less work banning troublesome users than cleaning up mess after mess. Take notice.

Reading that series of posts, it seems there's a few cool headed people and several hot heads in ECO -- the same ones stirring shit on the forum. My advice to the level headed people would be to dissociate from the hotheads before they drag you down with them. Just in case you aren't good at keeping score, the damage is done. The ship's sinking. There will be no graceful exit.
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