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If you put in the scope (mag) in and point it downward does a BB or BB's roll out?

If so:

Fire empty a couple of shots, then WHILE pointing the AEG upwards install the scope (mag) and fire while still pointing upwards if it fires normally you hop-up has gone South... Maybe the retainer pin (plastic) simply sliped out ((explain spring)) or it broke..

In any case disassemble... If it just sliped out, reposition and glue the pin in position (((without hindering hop up movement))) if it broke... figure out what happend and try to reglue the parts

If not, taking into account you did a complete teardown and didnt see anything broken in half... check if that spring couldnt be the nozel return spring... that would explain most of the symptome you descrived... and the presence of the spring

If the spring anchor is broken... sometimes you can bore a hole, put in a small protruding screw and glue eveything with 24hrs epoxy

By the way... Good on ya... try to fix it... that is how you learn... Don't take no shit from a machine!!! Keep us posted!!


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