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You can replace the spring for the winter season and go back up (au printemps) but some very interesting games happend inside during the summer (Mill for instance) plus some summer games require under 400 so... your call...

Plus on G&G AEG and anything else other than ICS it is extensive work to switch springs since you have to disassemble the whole gearbox.

One easy way is to get ICS M4 and new MP5 AEG as they have split gearbox so you can change upper gearbox in about 15 seconds. You get an extra upper gearbox (for about 50$ used to 85$ new) and you can tune your AEG to circonstance

A tad under 350 fps for inside and friendly games
an of course higher outside (I find 375 fps to be (Passe partout) not over strain the gearbox or over drain the batteries.

You should be aware that this design (ICS split gearbox) is not designed for anything over 425fps... but is the easiest AEG to maintain and blueprint


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