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Yes, i'm a newbie!

Hello Guys, great forum here !

I saw a video on youtube about airsoft games with simulation, scenario and things like that i wow, i must say i need to be part of this.

I'm 28 from Quebec city, always been a fan of pellets gun for target shooting but what can i say, airsoft games looks like so much fun.

I have most of the stuff needed to go to an event:

Tactical vest
Camo pants, boots, shirt
Red dot
Tactical flash light

I'm only missing a gun. From my shopping, i think i'll go for a M4 by GG. Probably a full metal one ( electric )

My question is : Most events i've seen posted here are with a max FPS of 350. If my gun is 400, is there a way to lower that FPS ?
( i saw a lot of mods to increase the FPS, but none to lower it )

I wouldn't want to invest 600$ in a gun that would not let me play...

Also, i see there was no event recently in quebec city... ( don't get me wrong, i would be willing to make 2 or 3 hours trip by car to play ) but no one ever made a game in Qc City ?

I might be able to make a scenario here with 2 teams of 10 people... of course, i'll try to attend some of your events first and try to make contacts... But i'm just saying that i'm a factory owner with 25 000 ++ sf of what could become a nice playground indoor.

Looking forward to ear from you!
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