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You did not specify what type of M4 you bought... so battery... 2000 mah Nimh lets you play all day without grief or restrictions

Mags... MAG brand mags 130 rnds midcaps on about 38,00$ for 8 plus shipping you'll end up paying about 10$ per mag WHEN you lose one you don't flinch!!! Metal ones just look better... same inside ((Probably same price as used mags))

Get good goggles... ESS is one of the best... XT about 40$ + shipping at

Get teeth protection... don't listen to people who havent paid 1200$ to fix a broken tooth (mouth piece, mask or screen)

My advice to you would be NOT to buy anything you don't REALLY need... cause eventually you will want to match everything with your BDU's ((so start with cheap surplus canadian forces OD stuff)) fits with everything... until... as we all did... you become really silly and NEED to buy stuff!!!

Even if you don't want to ... you'll end up owning several BDU's (black, tan, green, camo...)

If you wait a few months (even weeks of playing) your views on must haves will evolve (a lot!!!)...


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