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Originally Posted by Canadian Zombie View Post
Good evening everyone,

I am very new to the Air Soft family and have 2 questions. I just purchased my first pistol and ICS M4 rifle ( when it arrives in stock) from a very cool place in town. but I was wondering about things like battery packs, extra mags, red dot scopes and utility belts. I want to support my local shop, but a father of three is on a budget. Is it advisable to purchase these items used so my money can go farther? or is it best to buy new?

Thanks for your help, and Brrrraaainnss!

Used gear is a very good investment. But never never buy used eye protection. Even if it means delaying playing for another month or so. You eyes are worth the investment. Shop around in the classifieds, for good deals, check it against similar items for price. Ask to make sure they are in good order and work with out problems. See if anyone is sellling gear and mags, buying multiple items may get you a deal.

Good luck.

It also helps if you put in your location in your profile, you never know who in your area might have great deals.
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