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Originally Posted by Shrike View Post
FYI a sniper is a person who takes a sniping role.

A sniper rifle is a gun.

You seem intent on not listening to what everyone is telling you. Another consideration is that many games in the area will not allow you to play as a sniper until you get some experience and maybe take some lessons (ie. sniper clinic)

Good luck with your impatient purchase.
For the record, MOST fields will allow a noob to use a sniper rifle if they choose to, as long as it's under the maximum fps limits aka. 450fps. If a noob shows up his first day with an upgraded 400fps AEG he bought second hand, he's allowed to use it, but will likely cause some complaints due to surprised trigger finger at close range on full auto. Personally I'd bitch more about a stream of 400fps BBs to the face at 40ft than a single BB hit same distance. Is why snipers are allowed an extra 50fps maximum, less damage involved.

So if the OP wants a sniper rifle as his first gun, I back him on that and he can decide rather quickly if it's thing or not. As long as it's under field limits and he knows what he's getting into, all the more power to him, he will either fail miserably or do ok enough to continue on that path without feeling the need to sell the rifle for money to get an AEG instead. Don't discourage or put down, just warn, explain and see what the outcome is. Chances are high the OP won't be showing up with a 450fps rifle first few games anyways due to money constraints (can't afford upgrades or service to install), so let him be on his choice. He'll learn something from it in the end.

Agreed though, calling a rifle a sniper is annoying, pure video game influence there, where you choose the sniper character and he comes with a bolt action rifle. Annoying as fuck, but hey, that's the way kids tend to be these days and the way they are taught. Too few people these days know that a sniper is originally a term to describe an extremely skilled marksman. A snipe is a small fast moving bird, the word sniper came from a reference to the marksmen that were able to shoot the snipe out of the air while flying. Hence the term sniper, is the person and skill level, not the weapon itself. I can snipe with gum, or even spitting really, it doesn't matter, if you can hit what you aim at consistantly, you have skill.

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