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If you insist on the two hundred dollar pricepoint, get the Kraken. There are some lemons, but by and large they seem to be pretty okay for the most part. Do not expect super great quality; they are low-priced for a reason... but they work (provided you don't get a lemon, of course) they're sturdy enough, and probably most important they'll take upgrades if you want to go that route.

If I can try one more time to dissuade you... For four hundred dollars, even three hundred, you can get a metal CYMA, JG, or something similar in the lower-end manufacturers. Sometimes CAs and TMs dip between three and four hundred, even.

Let me finish. I know you don't want to spend too much getting into a sport when you're not even sure you'll enjoy it. I understand that fully, which is honestly why I recommend springing the little bit more money.
Let's say you drop $350 on for example a CYMA AK of some sort, with a few mags and a battery. You're good to game with that right away, just buy some BBs (a pack of BBBastards is like ten bucks), find a game, and go.
One of two things happens at this game: You either enjoy yourself, in which case you have a good starter package, or you find that airsoft isn't really for you... in which case you can come straight on home, post up a thread on the classifieds, and you can sell that AK for the same amount of money that you paid for it. You will likely not recoup your losses with an Aftermath gun because nobody browsing the classifieds here really wants one.

I bought a clearsoft G&G AK before I was AVed and had it be a lemon. I could throw in a new set of gears and toss it up on the classifieds, but I can't bring myself to lose two hundred dollars on that immensely stupid purchase. Call me stubborn.

Point is, think about this in more ways than just how much you're spending. You're worried about not liking the sport, that's fine. With that in mind, think about how much money you'll be able to get back selling that equipment should you find it's not for you.

Just the way I see it.
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