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Originally Posted by Leor View Post
No I understand them.
Think about this: You're starting a brand new sport, you have no idea if you'll like it, why the heck would you blow anymore then 200$ let alone more then 100$...people are saying to spend 400$ on a sport I've never seen aside from on Youtube.

Now if everyone is so against me getting a sniper rifle. So, I'm defiantly not going to buy anything over 200$, So now the question lies in between getting a Aftermath Knight or an Aftermath Kraken.

Both are on this site:

Now if people don't feel like flaming me, I'd appreciate some feedback.

PS: Im still in High School so I don't have any income like most of you.
Get a kraken ak but don't get the cheapest one you can.

The reason why people are telling you to spend more on a gun or not start with a sniper is that you will be disappointed at a game if you have a gun that gets out ranged but everyone thing else out there.

You say you want to see if you like it first but thats going to be hard if you are getting owned right????

would you buy a chevette and take it to the races to see if its something you like?

Same thing with every sport. Now if you want to see if you will enjoy it and want to drop the cash into the sport then see if your local field or players rent guns. Then you can try a bunch out with minimal costs and go from there.
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