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He pretty much hit the nail on the head. Sniping is very difficult until you get the hang of it. Browse the classifieds and the FAQs so you can get an idea of what Airsofting is all about and then make your decision. If you educate yourself on the sport, you will be better equipped to make the choice.

It is a bit more complicated that what you would imagine at first glance, spend some time looking around the forum, and use the search engine built into the website because chances are if you are about to ask a question someone else has probably already asked it.

Originally Posted by CDN_Stalker View Post
While you technically *can* get a sniper rifle as your first gaming gun (I did, then I got an MP5), consider why it's not recommended for a new player. Learning curve, situation overload, etc. will happen your first few games. You won't be able to think clearly, you'll be nervous and totally unsure of the ballistics of an airsoft gun, how to focus what's going on, etc. My first game I used my M24, M11 (with a single mag) and an Omega 93R. I only got one kill at the beginning noob break in session which was just a small 4v4 skirmish, then later played the rest of the morning with my 24, couldn't even see guys pointed out to me, never really got a shot off. Afternoon I was loaned an M4 and at least got one kill, but kept getting shot over and over.

Nutshell, you can start really hard (sniper rifle, spring shotgun like the one sold at Canadian Tire, recommended actually, or just a pistol) and adapt to it, it'll be frustrating for the first bunch of games, but you will learn your place in the sport and will benefit greatly from it. Or you can go a bit easier with an AEG, will still be frustrating but will be more fun, but will detract from skills learned due to full auto ability and ammo amounts.

Sniping isn't for everyone, but those that get good with it stick with it, even if just being like a DMR within a squad.

For $250 price range, I'd suggest you get the Crosman shotgun for $100, and a bunch of shells, camo, etc. and go with that for a while til you can afford to spend $400+ on a decent AEG. It'll give you a bit of an idea how to be sneaky, how to make shots count without relying on fast follow up shots or tonnes of ammo at hand. Get good with a shotty, you'll be great with pretty much any gun type out there.

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