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Originally Posted by Leor View Post
Oh yeah, on that same site there are Krakens for under 100$...

Should I get one of those instead of the Knight?
Yep the kraken for $99 is the one. NEVER pay full retail for it though, if the price on the Kraken goes back up to $180-200 it'll come down again to like $100-120 eventually, they come on sale semi regularly.

Also the reason to get the Kraken is two fold. First it uses the V3 gearbox which is a slightly better design than the V2 and is "sturdier" in cold weather than the V2. Second, the OEM for the Kraken is CYMA, so basically you're getting a CYMA except it's not metal.

If you're not sure if you're going to stick with airsoft, it might be worth it to get a $400 gun since those tend to hold their value better if you decide the sport isn't for you and want to sell your gun. Think about it, if you wanted to get into biking lets say, would you buy a used CCM bike for $100 (that you paid $200 for) or for $150 more get a used Raleigh for $250 (that you originally paid $300 for). (Those are made up numbers but I hope you get the idea).

That said the cheapo $100 guns have their place otherwise they wouldn't sell. Usually this is with people who don't know better (ie. would anyone who's done a bit of background research buy a $50 snowboard) or are using it as a base for a project gun (the Kraken has been likened to a "3D instruction manual" for project guns and are great learning platforms for learning to do your own gundoc work).

Good luck, I hope you have fun in the airsoft community. We're great people and do other things outside airsoft and quite a tight knit community. There's people from totally different backgrounds here from teachers, lawyers, and engineers to oil workers, machinists and contractors. Not only that we like other things too like video games, biking, snowboarding, knife making. Hell I went snowboarding with another member on these forums during Christmas break..... in Austria! And we have some legendary stories to tell.
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