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Where a pistol really shines:

I was moving up on where I thought the enemy might be. It was really thick small pine, and I mean thick but there was a tiny path leading through. If it wasn't covered it was an easy way behind enemy lines, if it was covered it was suicide.

I decide to chance it when I hear someone moving down the trail! I dive behind a fallen tree and lie on my back cursing my bad luck. There was no cover but this tree. So I'm lying there with my sidearm on my chest (because there was no room to swing the M4 and stay hidden) and the bloody enemy starts to step OVER the log and is ready to plant that boot on my chest because he doesn't even know I'm there!

I called out for him to surrender while pointing my sidearm at his testicles and the guy stops mid stride and I immediately notice due to even further bad luck that his MP5 is pointed straight at my head just due to the way he was carrying it. I know his MP5 was upgraded to 400fps or just over, but I have a clear shot to his family jewels, both barrels are no more than 2 feet max away from their targets.

It seemed like forever but we finally speak and agree to go our seperate ways, not surrendering to each other but decided to just walk back to our own lines

I REALLY wanted to pull that trigger but that full auto burst of BB's at 400fps would have hurt like a bitch
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