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Well since you'll be 18 soon least you'll have something lined up for you

Sniping isn't for everyone. In fact you'll almost feel left out in games using a sniper rifle especially in the fields available during the winter it's pretty much pointless for now. Nearly all the winter fields you'll be close quarters in most games.
I'd start with an AEG (Sub-machinegun/Assault Rifle) since you can play close quarters and a variation of out door fields around Toronto.

For about $250 you might be able to get yourself a semi decent gun, but consider it something to start with for now.

I know someone who picked up an Aftermath gun and it pretty much broke before he could even use it. When you are 18, get age verified and you'll have access to a lot of the better quality stuff.

There are quite a lot of AV Reps that can verify you around Toronto so you shouldn't have any issue there.

Hope this helps out.
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