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last year I played almost solely on pistols... outdoors ...

with a pair of internally stock TM Desert eagles... I tried a few other things here and there, but always went back to my tried and true twins

I just recently sold them to a teammate to move to a pair of TM G18C's ... I've got one in a Roni Carbine to help with accuracy while burst firing. when the glocks are done and a "pair" I'll be using the carbine less and going back to dual wield crazyness

so.. yeah... pistols are very useful! ... seriously if you want to improve your skills in sneaky, snap shooting, accuracy etc etc ... play some game with just a pistol.. or if your into really pushing yourself, play outdoors with a pump shotgun (triple shot ofcourse) ... the kill count can drop ... but the kills are WAY more gratifying and memorable
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