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Kind of reminds me of this guy.
Yo Bro’s! Quick question. Is there any way to get around actually having to do all that training to be SF? I have been tagging (on an Air Soft team) since I was like 16 and although I hate to brag, I am the team sniper for a reason….I just don’t miss. What kinda stuff do they teach you in SF training anyways? How to eat bugs and make a hooch? I already know that. Is there a way to test out of the training and get right to sniper school?
Although I am maybe a bit young, I have been around the block and know a thing or two about how the world operates and know I can hang with any Spec OPs guy. Heck, I am in such good shape and such a good shot, the Army would probley send me out as a one man wrecking machine doing some top secret shit. Just ask the boys on my tagger team. We have not been defeated yet and I have never been taken out of the game.
Any information that would help me get to SF status quicker than normal would be of a great help. I know there has to be a way. All military’s have like super secret soldiers who whoop ass and take names. I was born for this sort of mission.
Thanks again bros. Keep up the good work man and I will see ya on the battle field. (or maybe not cause you just don’t see great snipers, they see you and then you feel the wrath of their bulletts)
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