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Airsoft E-books for Novice and Proes

Hello everyone,
I am a new member . Off course I have a representing on this page so I can start to help someone .. This books helped me and a lot of other guys which were new in airsoft. I done this 2 years ago when I first took my gun. If you don't want to pay services and repairs, it is good to know some things. When I got my gun , the thing I did is to "unpack it" . I am that kind of guy so I liked it. And now,here I gave you something I found on Internet(didn't make them myselft) and I hope it will help you. They are good for newbies as for proes.They will explain you what to buy,what kind are there,how to manage gearbox and other stuff. HF

Airsoft e-books

I hope this e-books will help you guys (and girls) like they helped me.All of them are PDF -format. If I put this topic in wrong part of forum I guess moderator will move it . Best regards to all!!

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