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SRC Full Metal

Originally Posted by Neiphon View Post
I visited Ken just a few days ago. I was expecting the usual cansoft fare, however to my surprise nearly his entire lineup of inventory appears to be full metal now. New upgraded full metal SRC AEG's, shotguns, Dragonov SVD's and even GBBR's!

I picked up a new shotty (pictured below from his site) for SUPER cheap and have been really impressed with the full metal construction, consistently high fps and accuracy.

Recommend people check them out!
Bought a SRC H&K 416 from Ken last month, arrived in Toronto 3 days later, lipo ready, shoots hard and fast...can't wait to game outside when the weather gets better, want to see how durable it is...price was very reasonable Ken...will be compairing this model to the KWA model M 4 I have this the meantime give Ken's product a try.

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