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And now onto the game itself!

Current Signed Up Count:

Bravo - *120*

Alpha - *98*

United Nations - *60* - United Nations is Full!!

A small country has been ravaged by civil war which was caused by this countries corrupt Government. Police would only help if you paid them a fee, and farmers were continuously robbed by the army if they didn't pay their 'farmers tax' an amount at the discretion of the general of the time and always beyond the means of the farm to pay, so they'd usually take every thing he owns, including livestock, tools, machinery and even help themselves to his wife or daughter. Food was priced out of reach for every day citizens and as the country fell into poverty, the people started to die of malnutrition.

As times got desperate, a Revolution started to stir. The citizens spent the last of what they could afford smuggling arms from the neighboring countries at great risk, but as they were going to die of hunger, the risks seemed to be worth it's weight in gold, as the secret weapons cache grew larger and there was soon a weapon for every man, woman and child. The citizens marched to the center of their capital city. There were many bloody battles as they tore apart the army and then the police force. They finally made it to their dictator's strong hold, where he and his government cowered, for they knew that it wouldn't be long before fate became them, and it did. One by one the citizens beheaded their once glorious government and fed their remains to the pigs. All was well until the looting and the fighting over food divided the country. There was the East and the West. Blood was shed daily over remaining food stocks. He who controlled the food controlled the whole country!

The United Nations finally decided to step in…or have they?

Day One Objectives:


The UN will control the warehouse in which the Humanitarian Aid is stored (Claybank Plant).

The Alpha and Bravo teams (East and West), if they come across each other will fight, but must make sure The UN is not close by or they may intervene, if the UN do intervene the Alpha and Bravo teams can either turn and fight the UN while fighting each other or flee. The UN may decide to side with one team or the other if they choose and change this as the game progresses.

The Aid is represented by cardboard boxes, the villagers can collect the food packages from the UN warehouse (one per villager per hour) and return it to their village, or they could attack to opposite team in an attempt to steal their food package, again at the risk of being stopped by the UN. Alpha and Bravo could if they wish attack the UN warehouse but at a great risk as the UN will be allowed to use maximum force to repel the attack. Alpha and Bravo may attack their opposition's village to steal food boxes. The UN will also arrange aid deliveries on a random schedule.

Players holding food package can not use a weapon as both hands are full, if the player is killed they must drop it were they died, food package can be collect by any player and taken back to their village or warehouse in the case of the UN.

If a village is attacked the UN will aid in the defense of the attacked village if they are aware of the attack.

If a Village is attacked its villagers when hit must retreat beyond the village to safer ground. Villager may seek UN protection if they are fired upon too often.

Day Two Objectives:

Scenario 1 - Gatherers Gardens

Game Start Time: 10;00AM

Primary Objective: Each team must find, collect and secure valuable "flowers" from "gardens" scattered throughout the site.
Secondary Objective: Each team must find, collect and assemble a set of words or a phrase from letters scattered throughout the site. Letters may or may not be found in the flowers.
Time limit: 90 Minutes
Respawn: Instant, unlimited
Scenario point value: 20 points per secured flower
- Gardens are setup using survey flags, one color for each team. Flags are scattered throughout the field in gardens of 5-10.
- Flags are team specific and can not be touched, moved or stolen other than at opposing team base, see below.
- Flags must be carried openly and cannot be hidden on a players person.
- When a flag carrying player is hit, he/she drops the flag where they were hit. The flag carriers other teammates can pick up the flag from there, the opposing team can not touch, move or hide the flag.
- Flags are transported to their respective base and must be placed into a lockable storage container (aka Vaults) once they arrive at the base or CCP.
- Vaults must be stored at either a fixed base or at a mobile CCP.
- Vaults used at mobile CCP’s must stay within the CCP boundary and the Vault can only be opened to accept flowers while the CCP is setup and active.
- Teams are supplied with 6 Vaults each for the flags.
- Teams may store as many flags in each Vault as they wish.
- Vaults may be locked with the supplied zip tie at any time the team wishes.
- Once locked, the Vault may not be reopened.
- Unlocked Vaults may be stolen by the opposing teams at any time. Locked Vaults are off limits.
- The contents of stolen containers may not be transferred between containers. Not can the contents be removed by anyone but the original team (if the container is reclaimed and not locked) or by the Admin staff.
- If a team unlocks a stolen vault (cuts the lock off), they will lose double the point vault the vault contains (point value of all the flags inside because it was locked and the same value again for cheating). If an unused lock becomes detached from an unlocked vault or if a lock accidentally breaks off a lock vault, the onus is on the stealing team to prove it was so when stolen.
- Vaults may be staked down to the dirt ground only (with poly rope or paracord only, no metal cable or chain) to help prevent theft, but the opposition can cut any rope or cord used. Vaults can not be tied or staked down is such a way that would damage or deface the property (no digging, no hammering into the structures, etc.) or in such a way to make recovery difficult (i.e. dropping into a hole). Vaults can not be attached to structures at any time.
- Vaults unaccounted for by the end of the game will result in a 500 point deduction for whichever team last held them. Teams are responsible for keeping track of vaults either in their possession or stolen (Vaults will be numbered).
- Horn blows at 120 minutes and any flags in transit are disqualified. Only flags secured in the teams base and/or locked Vaults will be counted. Flags stolen by the opposing team in an unsecured Vault will count in their totals. Stolen locked Vaults will count in the totals for the original possessing team.

Rule Set:

Field Rules:,239.0.html

Equipment Rules:,240.0.html

Core Rules:,241.0.html


Both days for OP Mason Relic III will involve three teams.

Alpha (Tan) - Camo/Uniforms that are primarily tan or brown, pants and jacket. Multicam, Arid Marpat, Arid Cadpat, Arid DPM, Arid Flecktarn, etc. Please use your discretion when selecting your team. If your uniform looks brown or tan to you from about 30'-50' away, you should go here. If you pick wrong, your own team may shoot at you.

Bravo (Green) - Camo/Uniforms that are primarily Green or grey or black, pants and jacket. Cadpat, Marpat, ACU, Flecktarn, DPM, etc. Please use your discretion when selecting your team. If your uniform looks green to you from about 30'-50' away, you should go here. If you pick wrong, your own team may shoot at you.

UN (Blue Headwear) - Camo/Uniform colors do not matter. Required to wear a UN Baby Blue helmet cover, ball cap, boonie or beret. Head cover can not be obstructed by scrim, mud, clay, etc., unless directed to do so be Game Admins or to use Kill Flags.

Choose your team wisely. Once you have registered and paid, you will not be able to switch sides.

Game Sponsers

Once again CamoGames has also line up several game sponsers who year after year have provide onsite services as well as game prizes randomally drawn for game players at the end of the events.

They are as follows:

The BentBarrel Gun Doctor - Red Deer, Alberta

Plastic Soldier Airsoft - Calgary, Alberta

Airsoft Parts - Toronto, Ontario

Double Tap Airsoft - Calgary, Alberta

Capital Airsoft - Edmonton, Alberta

Triple HHH Airsoft - Edmonton, Alberta

007 Airsoft - Calgary, Alberta

Sasksoft Armoury - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Velocity Arms - Toronto, Ontario

WarGame Parts - Edmonton, Alberta

Karma Airsoft - Montreal, Quebec

Mach1 Airsoft - Toronto, Ontario

Imperial Airsoft - Calgary, Alberta
Saskatchewan Age Verifier! Contact for more Info.

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