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275+ players signed up!! Operation Mason Relic 3 - Claybank Saskatchewan May 28/29th 2011

Once again CamoGames (Al) is hosting Mason Relic for the third year straight at the Claybank Saskatchewn Historical Brick Factory and Surrounding Hills.

Each year this game gets larger and larger, encompasing 2 days of extreme airsoft playing in a unique location.
Bird's Eye View:

To sign up and more information visit:
Or contact CamoGames here on ASC.

This event went from 214 players in 2009, to 297 players in 2010, and we hope that growing trend continues as we charge into 2011.

Firstly we must all remember that this is a National Historic Site of Canada, therefore we must always keep in mind that we are all very fortunate to be able to play on a Government owned facility like this. Please be prepared to give that some thought as you play at this location, because it is important to leave this facility in the same condition as when we arrived.

This event is played on 320 acres of rugged terrain in the hills near Claybank Saskatchewan. The most prominant feature of this location is the Claybank Brick Plant which is a closed brick factory that once produced some of the most sought after brick products in Canada (aerial pictures in media section on the game forums) The rest of the land is rugged, to very rugged terrain that will challenge anyone physically.

For this event CamoGames brings in many Military vehicles, as well as hires a professional pyrotechnician to produce the most realistic Military experience possible without being in a real war. It is an explosive, exciting, and challenging weekend experience that we think you'll enjoy.


Due to the unfortunate weather that we all had to deal with in 2010, CamoGames has decided to reduce the registration fees for players that paid and attended last year. He is fully aware that he can not change the weather, but this is his way of trying to ease the frustration a bit for players from last years game that was partially rained out.

For players that paid and attended in 2010, the full event fee for 2011 will be $80 per player, that being a 40% discount off the normal event fee.

For all other players the event fee will be the full $130.

Having said that, CamoGames has also been sent a lot of emails saying that he didn't have to give a discount because no one can do anything about the weather, and as mentioned earlier he fully understands that, so he will say this. If you feel like paying him the full price even though you were here last year, then he will graciously accept that from you, and thank you very much.

As you could imagine holding an event like this is a very expensive venture, so at this time he would like to make it clear that there will be no refunds once you have paid. No one (as an event promoter) can go into an event like this and start giving refunds as no matter what happens, everything still has to be paid for on his part. But as a return player myself (BloodSport) for the past 2 games it is well worth the costs involved and keeps bringing me and many many others back year after year.

Here are a few rules to go by when registering for this event.

This is a prepay event only. Your event fee must be paid before May 16th. For *Event Fees* please check that section.

Registration Rules
#1: You absolutely *MUST* use the same username/callsign as you did in 2010 (if a return player) on this forum, as well as for registering on a team. (especially if you are a return player looking for the discount).

#2: You yourself must register on the game forums in order to register for the event. He can no longer have some players registering their friends/team, in order to keep records straight and accurate.

#3: Please do not register on a team, then pm CamoGames asking for payment instructions when you are not ready to pay. You can register on a team, but *please* only ask for payment instructions when you are ready to pay. It becomes a time wasting problem when someone registers on a team, then asks for payment instructions, gives their registration info, and then they do not send payment at that time....then in a few days they send a pm only saying "I'm ready to pay now" or "sending payment" and expect CamoGames to remember who they doesn't work that way, not with hundreds of players. Again, only ask for payment instructions when you are ready to send payment. Send payment information requests to CamoGames only.

#4: In 2010 the Alpha Team filled faster then the Bravo Team did, I suspect the same might happen in 2011, so if you are reading this and wanting to be on the Alpha Team, do not hesitate to long before registering because when Alpha gets to far ahead in numbers, the team will be locked it and not take any more registrations on that team and you will be forced to play on Bravo Team if you still want to play the event.

#5: May 16th will be the last day of registrations. If you do not register, and prepay, you do not play, so don't just show up as you will not be let in to the event by the MP.


If you do not have this waiver filled out when you get to the gate, you will be wasting everyones time and holding up the line. Please do not do that.

You will be signing a liabilty waiver that also has a section on it that waves your rights to your likeness being on film ( being filmed at Operation Mason Relic III on May 28th 29th 2011) and used however Counterfeit Combat sees fit.

For players aged 16 and 17, your parents or guardians must sign your waiver in order for you to play this event. One of them must also be present on location at the event.

Waivers will be posted on the event forums once ready. Please print out and bring to the game with you.

Once again I would like to Thank CamoGames for continuing to host these epic Airsoft games and for bringing players from Multiple provinces together for a great weekend!
Saskatchewan Age Verifier! Contact for more Info.

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