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"Originally Posted by tenringbound
Hey Drake,

Take yer 5 points and shove them up yer ass. Any forum that penalises members for telling off the biggest assholes in the forum is usually one run by the biggest assholes.

Fuck you and your forum, bunch of faggot cocksuckers runing around with toy guns. Y
ou tell your little puke buddies the reason I was not back right away to see all their little puusy bitching comments was because I was deployed to afghanitsan for the last year and I was in the shit, with real guns. real enemies and yes real dead soldiers.

Fucken bunsh of little boys playin guns.

Fuck you and your pitiful little forum."

Is it just me or are the average deployments with the CF to Afghanistan 6 months not 12?

A bullet may have your name on it, but a grenade is addressed to whoever it may concern.
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