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Originally Posted by DEATH2000 View Post
I second this. However, make sure you do this BEFORE you get a wife. Still possible, but make sure you have a comfy couch.
Or do what I did and get your wife into airsoft. She was dissappointed when I told her we needed to take a break from it for a while. Almost took it personal when I sold her MP5. She was sad to see it go. She can't wait to start going again. Though neither can I.

Back on topic one brand that I haven't seen mentioned is KWA. I owned an M4 RIS through these guys and I will tell you their customer support was awsome. I had a mech box issue and all I did was send it in and they gave me the new upgraded version of it for no cost along with an appology. I was very happy with these guys. Their metal bodies were sturdy as hell, and other than that one little part breaking on it I loved it. As for barrel wobble I've found some to be better than others, also depends on how much crap you stack onto your upper reciever, especially at the end of your barrel. That can have a little effect, ie battery box ect.... this was more so for my TM M4a1 that this was more of an issue (plastic).

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Its a good thing stupidity doesnt have mass or whole sections of this board would collapse in and destroy themselves in a stupidity singularity.
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