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Originally Posted by ExtraExtra View Post
Which is better? AEG or GBBR for a full metal?
Although many will argue this.

There is no better, just different. Different applications, different feels, different features.

the best way to help you decide on what purchase you wish is a simple 3 step process.

Step 1

Choose the Look you like. Look is important in airsoft. If you like the look of the *whatever* go with it.

Step 2

Research the brands and models that manufacture the "look" you like. Read reviews and do some searching about the problems end users have discovered. Research multiple brands and types. Also make sure that the "look" you chose is the right for the application you want, if it is not then go back to step 1.

Step 3

Research retailers. Find a retailer your comfortable and a price you can agree upon. Investigate retailers options for future business (like accessories or mags ect) and decide on the source that suits your needs.

Step 4

Have fun.

Do these steps. When / If you hit a snag along the line then come to the forums and ask questions.
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