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Originally Posted by CDN_Stalker View Post
I think it's stupid, you'll miss more so the double ammo load will end up being the same as having one mag of ammo, without the ease of reloading. Better to ust learn to shoot with both hands and be done with it.
I know I have a better picture of this but, dual reload system for g17 :

so if you think about it, 2 g17's loaded = 50 rounds, 2 on the holster = 50 rounds, plus 2 50 round mags sticking up in side pouches = 100 rounds.

200 rounds total = more hollywood moments.

But yeah, not practical in anything but a theme game or pistols only skirmish.

Originally Posted by teriases View Post
Watch tomb raider 2. Special reload belt with mags fitted pointing up on both sides. Just eject empty mag and slam those babies down for another clip.
watch Equilibrium!
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