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Originally Posted by CDN_Stalker View Post
Beauty of that is it's a close range sniper platform. Love it, did the same in a building, from the dark corner of a room lying prone behind a ladder on it's side with pieces of plywood leaning up against it, and it was on the oppostions floor of all places, snuck up there and started picking them off from less than 30ft using my KSC Mk23 Gen 1 with suppressor (drop hammer, pull trigger on double action, slide barely moves, next to no noise, but had to rack the slide to chamber a new round), got at least 6 kills up there before they realized they should toss a grenade in. Funniest part, half the guys thought someone stepped on a BB and sent it flying into their ass, the other half were looking out the windows for a sniper on the nearby roof.
I know what you mean...last game a valleyfield Mall... I was alone near an ennemy respawn (lost my team :/) I was about to get out when I saw a bunch of ennemy coming in my direction. I went to a dark spot and got prone...I killed the first guy silently (TM NBB is SOOO quiet) all the guys went back and lit up the place XD they were aiming the wrong direction hahaha anyway...long story short I took out 4 of the bad guys before they all rushed the place...I didn't get killed but I went to cover.
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