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No, you follow safe handling procedures to minimize exposure of your toys to the eyes of people unaware that they are infact toys, and you use basic firearms safety handling steps to ensure that no accidental discharges occur whilst using your toys before the start of a game.

They are toys my friend, a toy that can be easily mistaken for a live firearm by almost anyone.

Also by your logic all metal pipes of sufficiently small inside diameters should be considered firearms as they could potentially be converted into rudimentary firearms by someone with the inclination to do so?

What Im saying is that by insisting that they are not toys and by focusing on the possibility of a negative outcome your enthusiasm is generating possible negative backlash.

Although I do apologize as I was under the impression the discussion in question was on CGN and not a "car forum" that was my oversight and I accept that I made a mistake in that regard.

I think Drake put it best and frankly I suppose my additional comments beyond what has already been said are for naught.

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