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Originally Posted by Rugger_can View Post
Dude, leave well enough alone, you are not Airsoft's PR man on GunNutz nor are you savior of the free world. You gave the guy your opinion, he ignored it. Simple as that.

At this point your doing more harm and putting more bad press on airsoft then his retarded child ever could. By running around a website frequented by Antis and free associating our TOYS with real firearms.

So do us all a favor and knock it off.
A car website is full of antis?

Also you may think of these as "just toys" but some of them have FRT numbers. Then some have even been sold on these very forums which were capable with the turn of a knob on becoming firearms.

When I use my airsoft guns, I treat them as if they were real firearms and follow the same rules.

Sorry if my way of thinking which was taught to me on this very forum 6 years ago is a little archaic now....

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