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Originally Posted by Drache View Post
The father only understands the stuff in Walmart and CT. He doesn't understand that the Tokyo Marui his son wants isn't the same thing. Dad is ready to buy it for his son because that's what his son wants to go play with his friends.

I've tried explaining they are 1:1 copies of the real firearms and that some even have the same markings as the real thing. He just doesn't seem to grasp that.
I'm guessing this is the kind of person who spoils their kid and buys them whatever they want and don't supervise them when it clearly says use only under direct adult supervision if under __ years old. Also the kind of person to blame everyone except the person who's actually responsible or should be accountable?

Is this in your town or something? If so then just call the cops saying some kids are running around with what appear to be "military grade machine gun sniper baby puppy kitten and seal killing assault rifles".

If this is on a forum or something then not much you can do. Really the only thing you could do is link to news articles about kids getting shot/killed and arrests/charges being laid.
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