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Originally Posted by Drake View Post
Stop disrupting Darwinism?

Sorry, I can't bring myself to care if their house gets raided or even if the kid gets shot. It's a parenting call. If something happens its not on us.

I got my first airgun when I was about 10. I never paraded it in public or did anything boneheaded with it, entirely because I had parental supervision and had been told what to do/not do. Lets hope these parents do as good a job. Otherwise, chalk it up to natural selection.
Now normally I wouldn't stop Darwinism as some herds need to be thinned of the weakest links. The only time I'd stop it is if it causes me a crap load of paperwork or gives me a bad name in some way.

My problem is airsoft ending up in the news AGAIN because of some kid running around with a realistic gun.

I'm just trying to better educate said parent.

By 10 I had my own .22 rifle and was out hunting grouse. But parents are seeming to take a step back now. Too few beat their kids or have any common sense. Kid wants something so they buy it for them right there without even knowing what it truly is.

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