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Originally Posted by Redzephyr View Post
Above every other suggestion, go someplace where you can hold different types of pistols. Find one that fits in your hand. How it looks is small comfort if you find it a pain in the ass to hold, right? Personally, I find my Glock 17 fits my hand perfectly, super comfortable, and I love it to death and probably wouldn't swing much else. Also like my M9, but the Glock trumps it for me.

Get out to a game with an AVer, kill two birds with one stone, and be friendly. In my experience, guys are all too happy to show off their toys. Find one that's comfortable, and then start looking for a good version/manufacturer of that model on here.
I think that's probably the best idea. Finding something comfortable and reliable seems like the best place to start, so I'll try and find a game and make time to drag myself out there (being on call 24/7 makes it difficult).

Also, I suppose being 'full metal' isn't really a requirement, I just like guns to have a solid weight to them, and not break easily. As long as the gun is comfortable and durable, it shouldn't be an issue.
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