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Originally Posted by rustysniper View Post
LOL....I am in the import know not what you speak grasshoppa.....
I love it when people who are not in business lecture on topics they have no experience in.....

And FYI.."SCALE" applies to many aspects of business.....not just manufacturing as you like to insist. Supply vs Demand is a scale.....Cost vs Production is a scale.....Ability to purchase vs Ability to Sell is a scale.....and so on......look it up

"Economies of scale, in microeconomics, refers to the cost advantages that a business obtains due to expansion. There are factors that cause a producer or purchasers average cost per unit to fall as the scale of output or volume is increased. "Economies of scale" is a long run concept and refers to reductions in unit cost"
Not only do you keep bringing up a faulty application of "Economies of scale" you did not disprove anything of my last post so I take it you business majors know nothing of economics and how things actually work. You speak so much about economies of scale I assume you already know that it does not apply to every industry.

By the way I don't care that you have an MBA, I don't care that you're in imports, I don't care if you import Airsoft, I don't care if you import baloney, lets keep it that way.
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