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Thanks for all the great input, guys. I browsed around Red Wolf a bit to see what was out there, and I agree, the KSC CZ-75 and WE Browning Hi-Power look fantastic. But, I also agree that even if they were reliable and not collectors guns, it would be difficult to find parts and magazines for them. Expensive, too.

I'd like something metal, with blowback, and given that I'd ideally like to do a lot of gaming, I suppose I had better go with something reliable and cheap(er) to maintain and get parts/accessories for. Glocks do seem like a good alternative (Also, Glock Carbine = awesome), so I'll take a look at some. Failing that, I could live with a good Sig, though I find most of the standard 226s are too... Short. I want something bigger (har har, compensating much). I think the 226 X-Five is longer? I saw one from KJW, but I don't know if it's any good.
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