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Pistol Alternatives

Hey all,

Been wandering the boards for a while, still (after several months) not age verified (my fault, never have time with work), but, I'm working on it! Anyway. I'm browsing and researching in the meantime, and I was hoping to collect some opinions on pistols. From what I've seen, everyone seems to be using M9s, 1911s, and Sig 226s. While these are all great, and I see some really solid looking ones from different manufacturers, I'm looking for something... Different. I suppose I'm just vain, and I'd rather have something unique than functional. But maybe I can have both! Do you out there know of any decent pistols that aren't M9s, 1911s or Sigs? I'd love a CZ-75 or a Browning Hi-Power, but, I've never actually seen one. Any comments or harassment to go get age verified would be appreciated.
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