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Originally Posted by ThreeJsDad View Post
I really appreciate all the input and advice. I am pretty sure that keeping a sniper rig in tune and building one can't be any more difficult that keeping a high end dual cam target bow in tune or keeping a high performance RC sailplane in tune. As nice as the WA2000 is I would probably go with the DSR-1.

If we go this route we will end up working as a sniper team. The run and gun style isn't for us. For that we would stay with playing speed ball. We are looking more at a precision shooting style of play.

Maybe we should just do what one of the helpful folks have suggested and go with pump style guns and stay with PB.
The problem with that is only you have changed your playing style while everyone else is still slinging ropes of paint at you. Unless it is small skirmishes the style of play is differant in airsoft as it is usually more objective based.
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