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An American.... I see..... I've just sharpened my pitchfork and have my torch already lit.

If you're an American then you'll have totally different rules than we do in Canada. You don't need to do Age Verification at all, that's just a Canadian thing and not only that just something we have enacted on this site (it has no legal bearing whatsoever, it's just a system so that we can vet the buyers/sellers and make sure people buying guns from this site are 18+).

I would suggest creating accounts at Arnies Airsoft and Airsoft Retreat, you'll be able to find classified sales there since most of the classified sales on this forum are for Canadians. It doesn't mean that you can't hang around here and learn a few things, I actually have an account on Arnies as well just so that I can learn a few things that may not be on this site since knowledge is very fractured and spread everywhere. If you really want to get to the "juicy meat" and cutting edge knowledge in the airsoft world you need to be able to read Japanese, Baybayin, Korean, or Chinese since that's where the most mature airsoft markets are but anyways the info in English is good enough.

As for PB..... Have you considered maybe buying a pump gun and playing Stock, Modified Stock, or Open Class paintball? It's actually something that I'm looking at myself just to go to a dropin day when I feel like it and last a whole day on a bag of 100 balls (at $10...).

Also..... if you're in the US then you'll see a lot lower prices for your airsoft than we do in Canada. Notable stores in the US are TheWarStore ( ) apparently the 4th largest store on the East Coast, AirsoftExtreme, AirsoftGI, Airsplat, AirsoftPost/Evike, and ECA (East Coast Airsoft) are the ones that come off the top of my head.

And if you're looking at going the HPA route, may I suggest going to Airsoft Extreme and buying a DaytonaGun they're pricey coming in at almost $1000 but all you need is your HPA tank and remote line and you're good to go (plus they use regular AEG mags so you save money on those (~$60 for a pack of 10 plastic mags) compared to buying $60+ (each) GBBR mags).
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