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Thanks Folks on many levels. I am in NC, USA and we have a local field that will allow my son to play as long as I am there. I have been involved in PB for over 15 years and I am not real interested in speedball anymore and we are looking at some very nice woods ball/milsim type guns such as MilSig but as nice as they are unless we shoot First Strike rounds we have no more accuracy than a typical PB gun. On top of that many fields do not allow the FS rounds so I am right back where I started with a round, seamed .68 ball traveling at 285fps.

I am not afraid of playing with a bolt action or semi as I love playing PB with a pump gun. My son and I have given up the "spray and pray" tactics. A 2k case of paint can be over $60 US at some of the bigger games. S&P is just to expensive at those kind of prices.

The advantage of HPA is it can quite easily be regulated to decrease the PSI low enough to get the FPS down. For my weapon system it will be a spring rifle of I will mod a CO2 to work off an HPA remote system.

We do indeed live way out in the sticks. When I shot tournament archery I practiced in the yard. We actually do PB drills in the yard.

I will do the age verification as I have 18 for almost 30 years.

One of the largest scenario games on the East Coast is less than 2hrs from my house.

We are really torn about making the switch and much of that is due to lack of knowledge about the different firing mechanisms and the manufacturers. How the game is played isn't much different from what we are already doing.

Thanks Again

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