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Need some guidence

My son and I are very seriously considering the switch from P-Ball to Airsoft but I have no idea what companies to look at for guns. I am interested in a sniper system and he wants to act as my spotter. In PB these roles don't really exist due to the limited range of the guns.

I have even built and designed a couple of PB guns so I really enjoy tinkering.

I have been looking at the Ares WA2000 for me or the DSR-1 (I would switch it to HPA).

I am not sure if these would be good choices and I have no idea what to get my son. His current PB system is pretty high end so he knows how to take care of his gear.

I realize this is a matter of opinion to a certain extent but durability and quality of construction are what I am really looking for.

Thanks, Paul
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