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Originally Posted by SSjon View Post
No, this does not hold true for Airsoft. Economies of scale refers to production, and last I checked most guns are imported not produced in Canada. Our high prices come from our tough Airsoft import laws and basic supply and demand. Retailers who go through the trouble to acquire or import guns will want to make a nice profit and the fact that there are very few retailers prices are pushed up.
Economy of scale also applies to importation. Canadian retailers can never do the volume to purchase at prices which will allow them to compete with US and Asian markets. Couple this with the high costs of bringing a product to the Canadian market and strict importation laws...we do not have the ingredients for low pricing.

Any retailer will tell you that he wants to sell his product at the MOST competitive prices he can.....but in turn they must do the volume in order to to make up for the reduced margins.. If they don't do the volume they can't keep the doors open.

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