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Originally Posted by Double Tapper View Post
Quick,check the replica registry,maybe he transfered them into
his name

Originally Posted by BGrail25 View Post
Unless he sees this thread...
Yep, sold yourself out right there, it would have been as simple as someone sending him a pm offering a glock to trade for "his" 1911 and you and some friends showing up to "complete the trade" heheh

Originally Posted by Szevin View Post
Weak. I could only imagine how upset id be if some swiped my gear. I'd probably go get drunk... And maybe cry a little. I hope he gets his stuff back and justice is served!
that's because you're a pushover and deserve to get robbed for your stuff if you'd do nothing about it

and Saberwing, the edit on his ad is very strange

Wtb kp-07 parts BANANA
Want to buy lower receiver for 1911 MEU (KJ Works KP-07, specifically)
BANANA Lost interest in trying for one, gun's up for trade now, wanting a Glock.
I think, there for I am out of ammo.
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